Clark Ranch

Clark Ranch

Riding Area:

Richardson Flat

Clark Ranch, also known as “Wally World,” in the Richardson Flat area is Class 1 eMTB friendly for all ages and abilities. It features the Sparky Loop, plus one-way downhill flow trails Family Truckster and Cousin Eddie. 


Clark Ranch
Clark Ranch

Featured Trail

Upper & Lower Sparky

Climb: 360 ft
Descent: -358 ft
Difficulty Rating: Green & Blue
Distance: 3.5 miles
Type: Singletrack
Direction: Counterclockwise for bikes, including eMTBs

Family Truckster

Climb: 0 ft
Descent: -241 ft
Difficulty Rating: Blue
Distance: 0.7 miles
Type: Singletrack
Direction: Downhill only, including eMTBs